Am I Sorry I got the vaccine? NOPE!

Someone commented on my vaccine video that I would be sorry I got the vaccine in a couple days.
Well, it’s been a few days, and yes, I did have a day that I felt kinda crappy, but I am NOT at all sorry—I’m grateful because I understand how my body works and I trust the process. After about 24 hours of sore throat and muscle aches, My symptoms are completely gone and I feel great.

But, Let me tell you what I am sorry for: I am sorry for the people who died literally GASPING for breath. I am sorry for their loved ones who could not be there to hold their hands as life left their bodies—and in many cases they were not even able to celebrate their life at their funerals. I am SORRY that black and brown communities bore the huge burden of disease and we lost so many people! in some areas (state of Michigan) it was TEN Black Deaths for every 1 white death, and that is a #FACT! I am sorry that people have lost their livelihood, homes, and so many have lost hope—depression/anxiety has also risen to pandemic proportions.
I am sorry that instead of taking this pandemic seriously, our country’s leadership chose to play political games, and several politicians MADE A LOT OF money while marginalized communities—including rural poor white communities paid the price with their lives.
I am sorry for every other doctor, every nurse or PA, or NP, or respiratory therapist, tech, etc. who feel like a failure every day because we work damn hard to save these folks with what little knowledge and treatment options we have so far. THAT is what I truly feel sorry about. I am reporting TRUTHFULLY everyday about my vaccine experience on my blog here:

People perish from a lack of knowledge. In all your getting, please make an effort to get an understanding of RELIABLE information. God gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the scholars. I am grateful to Him for giving Dr. Kizzy Corbitt and other scientists the knowledge to develop this vaccine. Any sort of medical treatment is a personal decision, and in order to make an informed choice about whether to accept or decline the vaccine (or any medical treatment for that matter) you have to get the right information. #CovidVaccine #COVID19 #covid19inpregnancy #sciencematters #ThisIsOurShot #blacklivesmatter #blackdoctors


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