No matter how you start, Finish Strong!

This quote by Usain Bolt reminds me of the conversations I had with my parents after college. Wasn’t accepted into medschool right out of college—my MCAT score was too low.

I was devastated because I’ve wanted to be a doctor since I was in pre-K. Sad for me, they said “pursue law school.” I told them “I may not be the smartest or the fastest, but I am the most determined.”

I enrolled in an accelerated clinical lab science degree program, took an expensive MCAT prep course, and tried again the next year. My score improved, but not much & I wasn’t accepted. Again.

I passed my MT boards & started working in the lab at Grady with a wonderful group of people. I was afraid to try again for med school, until the day I met Frank Jones M.D., F.A.C.S., MPH in the Grady cafeteria. He was a surgeon who took time to mentor me.

I did the summer program offered then at Morehouse School of Medicine, and LOVED IT! I KNEW #medicine was my path. I retook the MCAT with no prep, but with confindence that this was my moment.

My score improved enough to be accepted at MSM. I graduated with honors & I was able to help tutor my classmates because of the skills I learned in the lab. I have never regretted a single step on this journey. It took me a while to get started, but I am a STRONG finisher!

It matters little where or how you start—it matters how you finish!! You may have more hurdles than others. Perhaps you started further back from where everyone else did. Do not bemoan that. Instead focus on the finish line.

A great pastor I once heard said something to this effect (paraphrasing) sometimes God pulls you back because you are his arrow. When he decides to release you, you will FLY right to the target that he intended for you while everyone who seemed to be ahead of you is still running!!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾 that’s a whole word!!

Stay focused, keep working hard, keep your ears and eyes open for opportunity that God brings your way, and be prepared to move when he is ready. He will shoot you farther than you ever imagined you’d go! I am a living witness!

#dailydoseofjoy #dailyinspiration #deliveringjoymd


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